The Powers of Art
TV Show dedicated to performing arts and paranormal activity.

It is no coincidence that the program The Powers of Art is being debuted in times such as these; a time in which the intellectual is overtaking the intuitive; a time in which the conceptual bears more significance than concrete; a time in which belief is being driven through the heart with a stake – the stake of the artistic elite.

The balance has shifted and misunderstandings abound. Esotericism and Art share a blood line, and go as far back as life as we know and understand it. But neither need be shrouded in mystery or secrecy. Neither need be only for a narrow circle of “enlightened”, “initiated” or specially educated people.

The powers of art lay available for all of us. And have for time immemorial. This is what Madame Madoom and Alex X.Pert are here to remind you.